A little about my story

hello there i'm karin

I have been an entrepreneur for about half my life. As a solo entrepreneur, family business and partner in a medium-sized company and in completely different industries, from northern Sweden's sparsely populated areas to Stockholm. The curiosity to learn new things has been a strength during these years. Honestly, I am not an expert in a narrow area, instead I have learned a little about a lot over the years.

Maybe no surprise that I became exhausted a few years ago, after a lot of stress in life, and too long working weeks. Yes, you who've been there know how far back it can be. Managing your own energy is more important than ever. Learning what I need, and prioritizing health and well-being is also becoming increasingly important in everyday life.

Today, my company is completely digital. Which feels like I got more freedom and flexibility in my business, but also privately.

Where and how I live and work. I have the opportunity to fully set my schedule, so that there is also time for my own health and well-being.

Surely it is the case that we often think we are too busy and have more important things to do than prioritize and take time for our own health and well-being?

Today I’m privileged to work with the best of the best and now it’s my way of paying it forward.

I now want to help entrepreneurs and individuals like you to create a digital income streams, to start an online business. But it's not just about a business, it's about creating a lifestyle that brings joy, happiness and feel good.

It’s all about creating the lifestyle you want.


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